Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Oregon: In Last 15 Months HUD Has Funded an Additional 1,095 Vouchers to Help Veterans and Non Elderly Disabled Renters.

My recent post HERE details the latest HUD funding for 446 additional Mainstream vouchers for Oregon non elderly disabled renters. (Here's a City of Salem announcement of their Mainstream voucher award).

HUD has also funded recently additional VA-VASH vouchers for homeless vets in Oregon. 

I combined the counts of new HUD-VASH vouchers for homeless veterans with the Mainstream vouchers into a single table showing the additions by Oregon housing authority. 

The table below shows that in the last 15 months HUD has funded an additional 1,095 Mainstream or HUD VASH deep subsidy vouchers in Oregon. [NOTE: I anticipate that HUD will announce another round of VASH vouchers in December so this total will likely increase (by perhaps 200+?)]. 

Using even a modest estimated HUD cost of $8,000 per voucher the annual cost for these additional 1,095 deep subsidy vouchers would be $8.76M per year/$17.5M+ per biennium. 

Originally created and posted on the Oregon Housing Blog

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