Monday, July 13, 2020

Oregon 2019 HMDA Loans Data Includes Worksheet and Pivot Table of Black Home Loans.

On June 24th the FFIEC made 2019 HMDA home loan data available for download HERE.  

Unlike prior year HMDA data products from the CFPB, the FFIEC did NOT make it easy to extract data; many of the data fields use codes instead of names. Their browser tool also only allows the selection of two variables at a time for downloads. 

Nonetheless the 2019 HMDA data is useful and has been expanded to include 98 data fields. (These fields are listed in the Excel workbook I created; see below). Also, the 2019 HMDA data was posted on a much more timely basis than I recall when prior year uploads typically happened in September or October of the following year. 

Because the data is valuable and timely I took the time to download the HMDA loan registry (LAR) data for Oregon. I also added  4 columns with NAMES to substitute for codes: Metro names, county names, a name for the outcome of the loan application (Loan originated, denied etc) and a name for loan purpose. Note that the data that I downloaded does not include lender names; that would require downloading and matching loan data with lender data. 

The LARGE Excel workbook (149 MB's I created is HERE.

It contains these worksheets:
  1. All data on 2,469 Black loan applications.
  2. A pivot table of Black loan applications whose default view is the number of loan applications by county and their disposition. It also includes a filter that can focus on loan purpose (Purchase, refinance ETC) and loan type (FHA, conventional ETC)
  3. All data on 264,983 loan applications.
  4. A pivot table of all loan applications. The default view is of the count of loan applications and their disposition broken out by race. It also includes a filter that can focus on loan purpose (Purchase, refinance ETC) and loan type (FHA, conventional ETC)
  5. A lookup table that includes MSA, county, loan purpose, and disposition values
  6. An error table that includes 982 import errors (3.7 errors per 1,000 loans)
  7. A table that lists all the 98 fields in the HMDA data (plus the 4 field names that I added.)
Example: Black Loans in 3 County Portland Metro Area. 
Below is a picture of a data table I created within the Black loan pivot table that shows the disposition of 1,837 Black loan applications from three Portland metro counties: 
990 loans were originated, 
67 were purchased (usually by Fannie and Freddie) and 
the remainder [780] did not result in loans. 

  • While I included a separate worksheet for Black loan applications it's simple to use a filter within the all loan application worksheet to extract data for other racial and ethnic groups. Look for the "derived ethnicity" and/or the "derived race" columns. The Pivot table for all loan applications will also allow this focus.
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Originally created and posted on the Oregon Housing Blog.

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