Thursday, December 3, 2020

Excel Workbook with Oregon PPP Loans From SBA FOIA Release Dec 2020: $7 Billion/66,100 Loans.

I have posted an Excel workbook HERE with all Oregon PPP loans from the SBA FOIA data release made this week. 

It includes data on 66,100 loans that total more than $7 billion. 

6 loans were for $10M, the lowest loan amount is shown as $37.About $2 billion in loans were in amounts less than $150,000 and $5 billion in loans were in amounts more than $150,000.

Several worksheets are included; all are sorted by descending order of loan amount:

  • A pivot table for all PPP loans; default view is by organization type and loan amount.
  • ALL PPP Loans.
  • $531 million in non profit PPP Loans.
  • $74 million in loans to church related organizations (NAICS Code 813110). This likely does not capture all church related organizations.

For all worksheets I added a data field showing whether loan was less or more than $150K; SBA previously had not shown specific dollar amounts for loans less than $150K.  

The snapshot pasted below shows the default view of the Pivot Table of all PPP data:


  • More than 20% of loans show zero or no entry for jobs. The count of 600,000+ jobs is not credible.  
  • Entries for cities contain numerous variations in spelling so when sorting by city look carefully for all the variants. 

Originally created and posted on the Oregon Housing Blog.

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