Friday, October 22, 2021

Oregon Unemployment Insurance Employment Advisory Council Restarts; I'm a Newly Appointed Public Member.

A bit of personal news.

I have been appointed by the Governor, as a public member, to the 12 person Oregon Employment Advisory Council. 

The formal announcement of the members of the Council is HERE

The Council has been inactive since 2019.

I was approached about serving several months ago after I participated in several media calls and had made multiple unemployment insurance related blog posts. 

In my earlier HUD career I served as a personnel manager and, before I transferred to Oregon, I had begun work on a Masters program in Industrial/Labor Relations at Wayne State University in my home town of Detroit.

The board is scheduled to meet quarterly beginning with the first meeting on November 5th. 

More information about the Council, and the meeting, can be found HERE

Courtesy, Oregon Housing Blog

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