Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Detailed Oregon Building Permit Data 1997-2018.

With efforts to increase housing supply on the minds of many I thought it would be useful frame of reference to find and post consolidated historical AND current Oregon building permit data.

Historical Data:
The Excel workbook I created and posted HERE includes a breakout of monthly final building permits for all Oregon jurisdictions from 1997-2017 and a statewide total. The data is from a HUD MS Access database, to which I added the county name and jurisdiction name (instead of just codes). 

The workbook includes a pivot table that in default view lists all the jurisdictions and displays permit counts by category: ALL, SF, MF, 1-2 units, 3-4 units, and 5+ units. Pull downs at the top allow selection of years and months. 

Current Data:
The link HERE will take you to a web page that shows the most up to date preliminary permit data for 2018 for all Oregon permitting jurisdictions and a statewide total. August 2018 data is the most recent data available, but using the link in the future should include the most recent month available. 

The link HERE has the same preliminary 2018 data by month, but will produce a CSV download that will make it easier to filter, add pivot tables , and do other data analysis. 

(Note: The two 2018 links above may take a while to load, so be patient).

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Tuesday, September 25, 2018

New Rent Burden Data from Apartmentlist.

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Wednesday, September 19, 2018

282 Oregon Exempt Organizations With More than $10M in Assets AND $10M in Income, Includes Link to Detailed ProPublica IRS Filing Information.

The PDF HERE and embedded below is a listing of all Oregon exempt organizations I found in the IRS August 2018 Master File that had more than $10M in assets and $10 million in income as of their last filing with IRS.  (I count 16 exempt organizations with more than $1 BILLION in assets; most are health care organizations).

User NOTE: The PDF document is 23 pages long, organized alphabetically. Likely easiest to download and then use; not clear to me if hyperlinks work (see below) in the embedded version. 

Collectively these 282 organizations reported $98 Billion in Assets and $82 Billion in income in their most recent IRS filings. (KAISER organizations alone accounted for nearly $52 Billion in assets). [There are nearly 24,000 exempt organizations in Oregon in the August 2018 IRS Master file]. 

To add value I was able to MacGyver a link to each exempt organization's page on the ProPublic Non Profit Explorer web site. 

The ProPublic Non Profit Explorer web pages provide more detail and analysis of non profit IRS filings, AND links to the actual filings with the IRS.  Note that ProPublica information may differ from IRS master file information if filing times are different. 

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Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Home Forward 2019 Moving to Work Plan.

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Wednesday, September 5, 2018

August to August 2 Bedroom Median Rent Change Data Shows 4 Year City of Portland Increase is Lowest in Portland Metro Area.

Apartmentlist has published their updated apartment median rent data for August 2018 HERE. (My prior related post for July is HERE). 

Their methodology for rent calculations is HERENote because their method uses repeat sales/rentals, new construction rent prices are likely underrepresented in their reported median rents. 

A picture of the table I created showing August to August changes in 2 BR median rents is pasted below. 

City of Portland vs Portland Metro
For the City of Portland the estimated total 4 year August to August increase in the median 2 BR monthly rent was $75 /5.9% (from $1,262 to $1,337). 

That is the lowest increase of any city with data in the Portland metro area. 

Hillsboro and Tualatin both saw $600+/40%+ 2 BR median rent increases in the same time period. 

The Gresham 4 year increase (38.1%) was more than 6 times the rate of the City of Portland rent growth (5.9%). 

Vancouver saw a $387/30.7% increase in 2BR median rents over the August 2014-August 2018 period. 

The City of Portland August 2018 median 2 BR rent ($1,337) is also the lowest reported in the Portland metro area. 

1 Month and 1 Year Change
From July 2018-August 2018 City of Portland 2 BR median rents increased by $7 and in the last 12 months rents decreased by 2.1%.In contrast Tualatin saw a 5.6% 12 month increase in median 2 BR rents and a 1.7% increase from July 2018-August 2018. 

City of Portland vs City of Seattle
The 4 year City of Seattle 2 BR median monthly rent increase from August 2014 to August 2018 was $246 /17.2% substantially more than the $75/5.9% reported for the City of Portland.

The City of Seattle 2BR median rent decreased by 2.4% in the last 12 months, a greater rate of decrease than the 2.1% reported decrease for the City of Portland.

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