Tuesday, May 19, 2015

NLIHC Releasing 2015 Out of Reach Renter Affordability Report; Oregon Governor Brown Pens Preface.

NLIHC's expanded 2015 Out of Reach website is HERE; Governor Brown's preface should be in the national report posted at that site. (The national report is not yet posted as of 6 AM PDT). [Governor Brown used 2014 NLIHC data in her April State of the State report HERE].

Oregon data can be viewed, compared, and downloaded HERE

An Oregon PDF file is HERE

Oregon data in Excel is HERE.

NLIHC data shows that the wage required to afford a 2 BR apartment in Oregon jumped this year by 2%, from $16.28 to $16.61 an hour; in the Portland metro the jump was higher at 2.4 %, from $17.73 to $18.1an hour. 

In 2015 an income of $34,547 was required to afford a 2 BR apartment in Oregon; in the Portland metro area the required income was $37,760.

A PDF with data sources and definitions is available HERE.

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Monday, May 18, 2015

Ikea Portland Workers In Line for 18.5%/$1.75 an Hour "Living Wage" Increase to $11.17?

MIT has finally released an update to their "Living Wage" data; my prior post on this data is HERE--readers may recall that IKEA committed to using the local MIT data to set minimum wages for their workers. (I have yet to see any national news on plans to update IKEA worker minimum wages).

For a single person, the MIT data for Multnomah County now shows a "living wage" of $11.17 instead of the prior $9.42; that's an increase of 18.5% /$1.75 cents an hour.  All of the increase in the "Living Wage" results from updated data, including HUD fair market rent data used to estimate housing costs. 

(Note that HUD FMR rent data was only updated to 2014 (not 2015) from the previously used 2010 data. Also, MIT's reported minimum wage for Oregon continues to lag -the MIT data shows $8.95 when the current Oregon minimum wage is $9.25).

Oregon MIT "Living Wage" data can be found HERE; Multnomah County data is HERE.

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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

HUD (Finally) Issues Housing Choice Voucher Admin Fee Study.

HUD began this study in 2010.

HUD PR of study results is HERE.

Web page for admin fee study materials is HERE.  In reviewing the detailed report on this page, it appears that NONE of the 60 surveyed PHA's were from Oregon. 

As of the moment no detailed information about gainers and losers under the proposed formula change is provided so it is not clear how Oregon PHA's would be impacted by a change in admin fee calculations. I anticipate this information will be available once the study is published for formal public comment.

Registration for a related Friday April 17 web conference is HERE.

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Oregon Joint WM Subcommittee Hearing Today(Wed) on $100 Million for Housing.

Meeting materials for 3 PM hearing are HERE.

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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Oregon Non Profits in Medford and Salem Pick Up $9 Million from VA for Homeless Vets.

Thanks to heads up from tweet from HUD Region X, national list of grantees is HERE
Access in Medford picked up $6 million and CAPO in Salem another $3 million. 
VA PR is HERE; says that funding is for 4th year of funding for the Supportive Services for Veterans program. 
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