Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Excel File With Loan Level Detail for Nearly 95,000 2013 GSE Oregon Loans.

My prior post provide a peek at GSE loan volume in Oregon in 2013.  I downloaded the MS Access file from FHFA and created an Excel file HERE that provides loan level detail for nearly 95,000 Oregon GSE loans in 2013. 

The workbook opens in a Pivot Table view of the data. The default view shows 8,177 first time home buyer loans by race, including only 63 African American first time home buyer loans.

Changing the borrower ethnicity filter to Hispanic you would find 294 Hispanic first time home buyer loans. (The data dictionary for all data elements is HERE).

Originally created and posted on the Oregon Housing Blog.

CY 2013 GSE Public Use Database Just Released With Info to Census Tract Level: Oregon $19+ Billion, Nearly 95,000 Loans.

FHFA waited to the last day of the September, but a zip file of the GSE CY 2013 census tract level database (that unzips to MS Access format) is HERE; the data dictionary is HERE.  

The overall FHFA web page for GSE public use databases is HERE, prior year combined GSE files in MS Access format are found HERE. Before downloading note that these are large files; a PC with a faster processor and large memory is recommended.

Readers can find my prior year posts on this GSE database by using the search dialogue box at top left of the blog using search term "GSE data"; that search produces THIS result, including links to posts with Oregon specific data. (In CY 2012 the GSE's purchased $17+ billion in loans in Oregon, for 84,000+ homeowners/buyers).  

2013 Quick Peek: 
Oregon GSE Loans $19.164 billion, 94,691 loans.  8,177 First Time Home Buyers.
It will take me several days to create a useable Excel file of Oregon GSE 2013 loans, but appears to me that Oregon 2013 GSE lending volume easily exceeded 2012 totals.

My prior post HERE explains how my suggestion and follow up by Senator Merkley Senior Advisor Will White led to FHFA publication of the CY 2010 data in MS Access format for the first time.

Two features of the GSE database are unique vs. HMDA data. 
  1. The database has a field that shows whether the purchaser was a first time home buyer. 
  2. The database covers ALL areas, not just metropolitan areas. 
Originally created and posted on the Oregon Housing Blog.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

My Tweet to PDF of NEW HUD Proposed Fair Housing Assessment Tool Being Published for Public Comment.

Request for comments wll formally appear in Federal Register tomorrow; link in tweet is to PDF of the request for comments in the Thursday Public Inspection Federal Register section.

HUD's web page for the proposed AFFH rule includes THIS section on the Assessment Tool

Originally created and posted on the Oregon Housing Blog. 

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

240K Oregon 2013 HMDA Loan Records With Application Disposition Info.

For anyone who has struggled in the past extracting HMDA records, the new CFPB database is a godsend. 

Yesterday I posted an Excel file with loan level detail for 128k Oregon HMDA 2013 loan originations. Today the Excel file I created HERE, with similar layout showing ethnicity of borrowers in rows, contains 240,614 records for all Oregon HMDA 2013 loan applications. 

In the Pivot table worksheet I added columns to the format from yesterday to show the disposition status of each application. (The query that produced the CSV download for those records is HERE).

Note the file still does not contain information on the lender associated with each loan. 

Important Note on Loans Made
For those looking for totals for loans made, appears to me that "Loans Originated" and "Loans Purchased by Institution" should be added together

So in addition to the 974 African American loans shown as "Originated" [that I mentioned in yesterdays post] there were also 187 loans to African American borrowers whose loans were "Purchased by the Institution".   [If anyone has a different take on this, drop me a note at housepdx@gmail.com]. 

Originally created and posted on the Oregon Housing Blog.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Excel Workbook With 2013 HMDA Loan Level Detail on 128k+ Oregon Home Loan Originations.

I found it easier to work with the CFPB HMDA data site than I expected. 

After applying several filters I was able to download and convert to a 42MB Excel HERE a loan level listing of 128,622 HMDA home loans originated in Oregon in 2013. (If file doesn't display in your browser because of size, just download it.

(Query that extracts this data in CSV format from the database is HERE).

The workbook does NOT include information about applications or the name of lending institutions, and ONLY information on loans that were originated. Note also that HMDA data includes only metro area loans and also has no data field for first time home buyers. 

The workbook does include a pivot table set up by default to show the ethnicity of loan recipients. Filters include in the default view allow the refinement by race, loan type, agency etc.
Data is available to the census tract level. 
A data field worksheet shows all 78 available data fields. 

Two Pivot Table Examples: 
  • There were 53,872 FHA loans in 2013, so FHA/HUD loans represented 42% of all loans originated in Oregon in HMDA (metro) areas. 
  • Of the 974 total HMDA metro area African American borrowers in 2013, 436 had FHA/HUD loans or 45%.

Pleased to say that data also confirms counts in my prior post of African American owner occupied home purchase loans, with FHA having a 64% share of owner occupied African American borrower home purchase loans in Oregon in 2013.

Originally created and posted on the Oregon Housing Blog.