Thursday, August 21, 2014

Tweet, New Census Data Out on Net Worth.

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Portland Tribune Story on Change in Number of African American Home Owners and Change in AA Home Ownership Rates.

Story is HERE, I was one of sources. (PDF of entire issue is HERE). 

Story notes that the African American Alliance of Homeownership (AAAH) has a festival event in Lents Park on Saturday and Portland Housing Center has upcoming home ownership classes. 

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Excel with African American and White Non Hispanic Oregon ACS County and City Data 2010-2012. Includes a selectable pull down table and a separate graph that shows for state of Oregon and select counties and cities the % change and numerical change for African American and White Non Hispanic home ownership rates and home owners. Graph helps to illustrate shifts in location of African American home owners, with AA home ownership rates increasing in some suburban locations while declining in Portland. 

Example: The ACS estimate is that the City of Portland African American home ownership rate decline was 7.2% vs 3.2% for non hispanic white only households from 2010-2012. The African American home ownership rate in 2012 in the City of Portland is estimated at 29.5% vs 56.1% for non white only non hispanic households. 
The number of City of Portland African American home owners was estimated to have declined by 426 vs a decline of 2,942 white only non hispanic homeowners.

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Post, Changes in home owner total counts (no minority data), Oregon counties and cities. (This post has ACS estimate that shows that Beaverton home ownership rate was below 50% in both 2010 and 2012).

Post, Changes in tenure in NE Neighborhoods, including African American tenure.  

Post, Includes Oregon Congressional District African American home ownership rates and loans. 

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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Off Topic, Time Lapse Video: Paris

Has been a while since I posted one of these, but HERE's one of Paris (and embedded below). As always, full screen HD view is the best.
J'adore Paris from Paul Richardson on Vimeo.

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Monday, August 18, 2014

Ferguson Mo: HUD Data Indicates that 23% of All Renter Households Were Helped by Voucher Program; 97% of Voucher HH's Were African American.

I extracted voucher data for Ferguson from 2013 HUD's Picture of Subsidized Housing report HERE and created a PDF table HERE.

In the PDF I added a comparison to the ACS 2012 3 year total of rental units and population in rental units.  
It appears that:
  • 23% of all rental households had vouchers.
  • 24% of the rental population lived in voucher households.
  • 97% of voucher rental households had a African American head of household.
  • 94% of all voucher holder heads of household were  women; 64% of voucher households were headed by women with children.
  • 6% of voucher holder heads of household were elderly.
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Sunday, August 17, 2014

15 Oregon Zip Codes Might Qualify for HUD Field Office Approvable Exception Rents in FY 2015 Based on Poverty Deconcentration.

Readers may recall a prior post HERE that explained the authority that HUD Field Offices have to approve exception rents for the voucher program from 110-120% of FMR's, using poverty deconcentration criteria.

I took a look at proposed HUD FMR's for FY 2015 for Oregon as well as FY 2015 zip code area FMR's and merged that data with zip code level poverty data from the 2012 5 Year ACS. (A bookmark to that ACS Oregon poverty rate zip code level data is HERE). 

Based on my analysis I see 15 Oregon metro area zip codes outside of Multnomah County that might qualify for exception area rents IF the housing authority choose to make a request to the HUD Field Office. 

(Home Forward in Multnomah county has Moving to Work program flexibility to adjust voucher payment standards without HUD field office approval; their zip code level payment standards [published before HUD FY 2015 proposed FMR's were published] are HERE).

For those counties other than Multnomah I have put together a PDF legal sized table HERE showing those zip codes and counties and the maximum field office approvable FY 2015 exception rents for those zip codes (the lesser of the proposed FY 2015 zip code FMR OR 120% of the proposed FY 2015 county FMR) . A hyperlink to a map view of the zip code is included for each zip code in the table.

The housing authority in each of these counties has the discretionary authority to request (with documentation) exception rents, and the HUD Field Office has the authority to approve requests, in their sole discretion

The highest HUD field office approvable exception rent for 2 bedrooms in these Oregon zip codes ( 7 zip codes in the Portland PMSA including at least 2 in Lake Oswego) is $189 above the FY 2015 proposed 2 BR FMR for the Portland PMSA; $1,133 vs $944. Lane county has 2 zip codes where the HUD field office approvable rent exceeds the proposed 2 BR FMR by $166, $995 vs $829

IF small area/zip code rents are used in future years [I think plan is to do so in FY 2016],permissable rents in low poverty areas may be even higher. In any case, the trade off of exception rents is that higher per unit costs mean fewer families being served, assuming the same amount of money is available from HUD.

Note that in ALL cases rents for individual units continue to be subject to rent reasonableness rules that may limit rents for individual units to levels below the established FMR and any future approved exception payment standard. 

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