Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Among Oregon Families W Children, Renter Households More Likely to Have Children Under 6 Than Homeowners: A Breakout by Oregon Senate District.

The PDF HERE and embedded below shows that among Oregon households with children renter households are much more likely to have children less than age 6 (48%) compared to homeowners who have children (33%).  

Moreover, the most recent estimates (2012-2016) show that there are MORE renter households with children under 6 (88,672) than there are home owner families with children under 6. (85,983).

Breakout by Oregon Senate Districts
The PDF includes a breakout by Oregon Senate Districts. There are only 4 of 30 districts where the percentage of home owner households with children who have children under 6 exceeds the percentage of renter households with children who have children under the age 6. 

Interestingly, NONE of the 4 districts have a Republican Senator. 

Severe Rent Cost Burdens Disadvantage Young Children and Put Them at Risk AND Cut Them Off From Wealth Building Advantages of Home Ownership.
This data is particularly relevant for renter households with severe cost burdens. 
(My prior posts on severe cost burdens for renters are HERE; recall that 27.4% of all Oregon renter households have severe cost burdens).

Families who have severe rent cost burdens (paying more than 50% of income for rent) and have children under the age 6 are likely to have substantial difficulties and limited choices in meeting care and early learning needs, placing children at risk of starting their educational life at a severe disadvantage. 

Note also that children in renter households do not benefit from the the loan principal reduction and home value appreciation that helps build multi generational wealth for home owner families.

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