Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Dec 2018: VASH Utilization at 76%; 23,000+ VASH Allocated Vouchers Not Yet in Use, State Map Shows Utilization Rates.

Last fall I did a post HERE that discussed under utilization of VASH vouchers.

New HUD voucher data and VASH (homeless) voucher allocation data are out, covering all of 2018. 

Nationally of the 97,576 VASH vouchers allocated to date there were 73,862 under lease as of December 31. 

That's a national lease up rate of 76% and a count of 23,714 allocated VASH vouchers not yet in use.

I have posted HERE and embedded below a 3 page PDF. 

The first page is a map showing state VASH utilization rates (Leased VASH vouchers/total to date VASH allocations) as of Dec 2018. (You may need to scroll right to see the entire map, or just download it). This is the first map I have ever seen that displays this data. 

Pages 2-3  are a detailed table of data that was used to calculate the utilization percentages. It includes a column that ranks states from high to low utilization.  

California has the lowest rate of VASH allocated vouchers in use (61%) with 8,393 VASH vouchers not yet in use. It had 13,377 VASH vouchers in use vs a total allocation of 21,770 VASH vouchers. 

Oregon at 67% VASH utilization ranks 50th out of 54 states, territories, and DC. As of Dec 31,2018 there were 782 VASH vouchers allocated in Oregon but not yet in use. (There were a total of 1,620 VASH vouchers in use vs a total allocation of 2,402 VASH vouchers).

Leased VASH totals do not include vouchers out for lease. 
I count more than 7,000 VASH vouchers allocated in 2018, some as late as December. An updated count through March 2019  (likely not available until June or July) could show improved lease up rates. 

Originally created and posted on the Oregon Housing Blog

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