Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Oregon Land Use Law History, 1969,1973: Hat Tip to OPB; I Created Folder with Searchable Text Files.

OPB's Anna Griffin recently tweeted about the availability of MP3 files from legislative hearings on Oregon's land use bill SB10, enacted in 1969.
After seeing her tweet I went to the Oregon SOS land use legislative archive and found PDF files with the legislative text and history for SB 10 (1969) and SB 100 (1973).  There are 1,250 pages in these archive files, and as posted they could not be text searched.  

[As it turns out Wednesday May 29th is the 46th anniversary of the date that SB 100 was signed into law]. 

I used Adobe to OCR these files to allow text searches, and have posted 4 files in a folder HERE.

You won't find the word "affordable" in these files but Section 50 of SB 100 requires that comprehensive plans must find that zoning regulations/ordinances are not preventing "adequate housing for persons of low income". 

(Difficult to see why a substantial percentage of land zoned exclusively for single family only housing wouldn't fail this standard). 

ADD ON: I also ran across a nearly 500 page 1978 Portland State master's thesis on the long history of SB 100 from Kathleen Joan Zachary and created a searchable PDF file that I added to the same folder; look for "Politics of land use _ the lengthy saga of Senate bill 100". (The original PSU posting is HERE). 

Originally created and posted on the Oregon Housing Blog

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