Wednesday, September 4, 2019

2017-2019 Statewide Homeless Point in Time Changes: Balance of State and Lane County Reported Increases in Contrast to Portland Metro and Other CoC Improvements.

In my prior post I focused on the 2019 PIT Oregon homeless data, with a special focus on homeless children, and especially unsheltered homeless children.

This post will present data on Oregon and Oregon CoC PIT population changes from 2017-2019, including a focus on the population of homeless children and unsheltered homeless children. 

Focus on 4 Geographic Groupings
Some observations based on the first table below that shows 2017-2019 changes by 4 geographic groupings: 
  1. Statewide, 
  2. 3 County Portland metro area
  3. Outside of 3 county Portland metro, 
  4. The Balance of State Continuum of Care. 
  • Total homeless population increased by 14%/1,923 despite a decrease in 3 county Portland metro (4%/202). [Lane county reported a substantial increase of 42%/636 people, as did the Balance of State CoC at 23%/1,308 people].
  • Total unsheltered homeless population increased by 27%, but increase was 5%/109 in Portland metro vs 37%/2,066 outside of 3 county Portland metro area. [Lane county reported a substantial increase of 63%/630 people, as did the Balance of State CoC at 34%/1,270 people].
  • Total homeless population, children under 18 decreased by 1%/39, led by a decrease in 3 county Portland metro (43%/247). This statewide decrease occurred despite a reported increase of 16%/266 in the Balance of the State CoC.
  • Total unsheltered homeless population, children under 18 increased by 7%, but 3 county Portland metro had a decrease of 76%/115. NOTE that the Balance of the State CoC reported an increased of 21%/248 unsheltered children. This drove an increase of 16%/224 in the counties outside of the 3 county Portland metro area. 
Note: The substantial increases reported by the Balance of State Continuum vs decreases reported by most other Oregon CoC's suggest that the counting protocols may be different. The 28 county scope of the Balance of State CoC likely adds complexity and increases the difficulty in getting a uniform count. 

Details for Each Oregon Continuum of Care:

The 2 PAGE PDF HERE and below has ALL of the same data broken out for these geographies AND also each Continuum of Care and includes PIT counts for both 2017 and 2019.  Cells with green fill in the first table indicate % reductions BETTER than the statewide change. 

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