Monday, March 30, 2020

2019 HUD Voucher Data: All Months, All States, All PHA's and With Identification of HUD Moving to Work Agencies.

I have created a new Excel workbook HERE that contains 2019 HUD voucher data for all months, all states, and all PHA's. In 2019 HUD voucher funding topped $20 billion; and HUD vouchers helped  2.2 million households pay the rent. 

Included in the workbook are multiple worksheets:
  • Pivot table, all US voucher data (The default opening is to units under lease).
  • All US voucher data.
  • NOTE that I have also added a Moving to Work agency field to the HUD data so that users can compare voucher data from MTW PHA's with non MTW PHA's. (These 39 MTW PHA's accounted for nearly 14% of all HUD vouchers under lease in 2019 but less than 2% of the 2,100+ PHA's with HUD vouchers).
  • State monthly Per Unit Cost (PUC) rankings.This worksheet also includes rankings on housing assistance payments, and vouchers under lease.
  • Pivot table, Oregon voucher data.
  • All Oregon voucher data.
  • An Oregon PHA PUC summary.
  • A VMS data field listing (There are 115 data fields).
  • HUD web links to VMS data , the HUD Voucher Dashboard, and links to MTW agencies and their plans.
  • A listing of HUD Moving to Work Agencies and their codes.
I have pasted below the ranked list of state average per unit voucher costs for 2019. DC had the highest average cost, Washington ranked 8th, and Oregon ranked 26th.

Originally created and posted on the Oregon Housing Blog

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