Thursday, July 29, 2021

Oregon Emergency Rental Assistance Enrollment Data Currently Available from State Only; Enrollments With $112 M Directly Allocated to Local Government Unknown.

The PDF table HERE and embedded below shows Treasury emergency rental assistance allocations to date to the State of Oregon and to local governments (excluding tribal governments). 

Oregon Housing and Community Services continues to refine their dashboard showing applications and approvals from the direct allocation they have received. 

To date however, the status of applications and approvals for the $112 million made available directly to local governments is largely unknown. This includes $79 million allocated directly to the 3 Portland metro counties and the City of Portland. 

The ONLY local data I could find was on a US Treasury site and showed use of $2.1 million of ERA round 1 funding through the end of June by local governments in Oregon. $1.8 million of that was in the Portland metro area. 

IF there are websites from these local Oregon governments that provide CURRENT enrollment data please let me know at 

Originally created and posted on the Oregon Housing Blog

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