Wednesday, April 16, 2008

New Pew Charitable Trusts Report on 50 State Foreclosure Efforts.

A new report HERE from the Pew Charitable Trusts Center on the States was published today reporting on efforts in all 50 states to deal with mortgage foreclosures.

State by state PDF factsheets are included in the report.

The Oregon fact sheet is HERE; the fact sheet for Washington is HERE; and the fact sheet for Idaho is HERE.

Oregon Data Sheet Doesn't Include '08 Legislation:
The Pew report data appears to be as of end of 2007 as the Oregon fact sheet reports that Oregon was one of only 9 states to have not taken action by that time. However, there was modest foreclosure related Oregon legislation that DID pass during the the special 2008 Oregon legislative session. That legislation is summarized, and links to legislative language are included, on the Oregon DCBS, Division and Finance and Corporate Securities web page HERE.

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