Monday, May 18, 2009

House Financial Services to Hold Voucher Reform Bill Hearing Thursday, Draft of Bill Now Posted.

The House Financial Services Committee is holding a Thursday hearing on the voucher reform bill, AKA SEVRA,(Section 8 Voucher Reform Act) at 11;30 PM PDT; the website for the hearing is HERE. Important to note that in the draft there are major changes, including rent reforms that affect ALL HUD rental assistance programs NOT just vouchers, so don't let the Voucher title fool you.

I have previously posted, HERE, a Center for Budget and Policy Priorities section by section comparison with a previous version of the bill.

For pubic review the hearing website now includes a draft version of the 108 page bill. However, maddeningly, the version posted on the Committee website is a scanned version rendering keyword searches impossible to perform. So I used software to fix that and I have now posted a version in which text can now be searched, HERE. (C'mon House Financial Services peeps, get with the "transparency" program!).

As housing vouchers are by far the largest single source of rental assistance for very low income households in Oregon, I can't imagine any other housing related bill this session of Congress with more potential impact in Oregon than this bill. Rent reforms will impact ALL HUD rental assistance programs with spill over impacts likely for LIHTC and RD projects also.

My advice: Put this bill HIGH on your watch list.

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