Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Some Large PHA's Don't Qualify for Competitive Public Housing Capital Improvements Recovery Act Funding.

Story HERE says that several large PHA's are not "high performers" and therefore don't qualify to apply for competitive PHA Recovery Act funding for public housing capital improvements. Includes NY, Chicago, L.A. and Baltimore.

I think I can safely say that the "high performing" Oregon PHA's on list below are not crying crocodile tears to see those large PHA's out of the competition:)

  1. Housing Authority of Clackamas County
  2. Housing Authority of Portland
  3. Housing Authority & Comm Svcs of Lane Co
  4. Housing and Urban Renewal Agency of Polk County
  5. Housing Authority of the City of Salem
  6. Housing Authority of Yamhill County
  7. Coos-Curry Housing Authority
  8. Housing Authority of Washington County
  9. Northeast Oregon Housing Authority
P.S. Keep in mind that virtually ALL PHA's, large and small, got capital improvements formula recovery Act grants.

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