Friday, April 23, 2010

My Initial Checklist/Cheat Sheet to Help Review Drafts of Oregon Hardest Hit Housing Plan.

I have put together my INITIAL Checklist/Cheat Sheet for reviewing drafts of the Oregon Hardest Hit plan for which a series of meetings are scheduled in the coming weeks. (Plan is due to U.S.Treasury NLTJune 1st).

The MS Word document HERE, is shown as a .8 version, dated April 23.

As new ideas and issues are raised I intend to CHANGE this document, so always look for the version and date number to insure you have the most recent version (The most recent version will ALWAYS be posted in the right hand pane as Hardest Hit Plan Oregon Checklist).

In far left column of the document you will see the plan requirement, as stated by US Treasury. The next column for the draft OHCS plan is blank as no specifics have yet been provided; I will add to this column once drafts become available. The third column contains my observations along with links to some related Oregon Housing Blog posts, and the 4th column is a place for YOU to begin to hash out YOUR thoughts.

My hope in providing this checklist is to insure that OHCS gets comments that are relevant to the plan requirements that are imposed upon them by Treasury.

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Originally created and posted on the Oregon Housing Blog.

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