Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Oregon HAMP March Loan Modification Data: Permanent Mods Up by 31%, Trials Down by 5%.

Last month in a post HERE, I reported big drops in Oregon total and trial loan modifications resulting from a 96% drop in TRIAL loan modifications.

The March Treasury report on HAMP has been released and it shows that Oregon total modifications went up because permanent loan modifications increased by 630 during March, an increase of 31% compared to February, slightly lower than the 35% national increase. Trial modifications continued to decline during March in Oregon, down 5% from February.

The table below shows the CHANGE in HAMP loan modifications for Oregon and US during March:

Metric TOTAL OREGON % Chg, US % Chg, Oregon
March-Feb Trial Loan Mod Chg (54,243) (480) -6% -5%
March-Feb Permanent Loan Mod Chg 59,214 630 35% 31%
March-Feb TOTAL Loan Mod Chg 4,971 150 0.5% 1%

As more permanent loan modifications are put into place, the inventory of trial loan modifications has decreased in Oregon; in March that inventory reduced by 480 loans, to 8,955 loans.

I have completed a three page set of tables HERE that includes an Oregon and US summary AND a table with loan modification data for all states from Dec 2009-March 2010. (First page is letter size, pages 2-3 are legal).

The complete Treasury March loan modification press release, which includes state tables for March, is HERE.

Originally created and posted on the Oregon Housing Blog.

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