Friday, May 7, 2010

Updated: My Notes and Hardest Hit Documents Distributed at Oregon Housing Council Meeting Friday.

OHCS has provided updated versions of the hard copy docs handed out at the Oregon Housing Council meeting. The updated version of these documents is HERE ; I over looked a program oversight and accountability line item so I have deleted my prior note reference below to admin costs.

I also deleted a prior reference to two sessions at each site, as seating will be limited at the morning sessions that will be focused on industry types.
HERE is my 5 page scan of the Hardest Hit documents distributed at the Friday May 7th State Housing Council meeting. I assume a variation of these materials and some additions will be use for the HH briefing sessions scheduled to start in Medford on Monday May 10th.

  • Several OHCS staffers had a conference call scheduled with Treasury at 11 AM, I left before Council received any feedback on the call.
  • Schedule in package does not include any review of application package by State Housing Council; there are dates for legislative review built into the schedule.
  • During briefing OHCS staff indicated they are exploring using existing (dormant?) non profit in lieu of forming a new non profit to be the "eligible entity" to receive Hardest Hit funding.
  • In quick look at allocations for programs I did not see a breakout for contingency. (Although I expect that Oregon will have substantially ability to reprogram as necessary).
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