Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Oregon Across the Board Budget Cuts by Agency: OHCS Cut is $465k; Hardest Hit Admin Funds Will Cushion Blow.

Yesterday the Governor announced across the Board budget cuts of 9% for all state agencies in order to fill a $563 million budget gap. (See Oregonian story HERE).

Thanks to Oregonian reporter Harry Esteve I was able to get a PDF showing the cuts by agency, which I have posted HERE.

With the PDF I was able to create an Excel file HERE, which shows the cuts by agency AND 
  1. The % of the total for each agency.
  2. The implied current level of funding if the cut represents 9% of the current funding. 
From this table you can see that OHCS cuts are about the same level as cuts in the Department of Transportation; DHS, Education, and Correction reductions will be the largest (about 81% of the total cuts by my quick count) as they represent the largest agency budgets funded by the General Fund.

Hardest Hit Admin Funds Vs. State General Fund Support for OHCS
One other observation about OHCS budget cuts. Note that the projected $7 million in Hardest Hit admin costs in the Oregon plan is significantly more than the total of $5.1 million in state (General Fund) support that the 9% cut implies. (Likely OHCS will not receive all of the Hardest Hit admin $$ but those $$ could also end supporting the budgets of other state agencies).

Originally created and posted on the Oregon Housing Blog.

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