Thursday, May 27, 2010

Tease: Form with Rating Factors for HUD Sustainability Grant.

HUD recently published a FR Notice of the rating factors form it is planning on using for the HUD Sustainable Communities Planning Grant NOFA. I have obtained a DRAFT copy of this form, and as a prelude to the publication of the actual NOFA; HERE is that draft as a MS Word document.

The form clearly is a subject to change as a DRAFT - it appears that either Factor 3 is missing or mislabeled; these are the factors and sub factors found on the draft form (no max points for each factor or sub factor are shown on the form):

Factor I – Capacity of the Applicant and Relevant Organizational Experience
1.    Key Personnel
2.    Partners

Factor 2 – Need and Extent of the Problem
1.    Housing Costs    
2.    Environmental Quality   
3.    Transportation Access   
4.    Socioeconomic Inequity   
5.    Economic Opportunity
6.    Fresh Food Access
7.    Healthy Communities

FACTOR 3 is missing or mislabelled
Factor 4 – Leveraging Resources
Factor 5 – Achieving Results and Program Evaluation

Originally created and posted on the Oregon Housing Blog

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