Thursday, May 27, 2010

Texas HUD Fair Housing Conciliation Agreement Forces Significant Changes in State CDBG Plans.

Says law firm PR HERE. PR highlights some of requirements of conciliation agreement:
  • Shift an additional $152 million toward housing needs of low- and moderate-income households
  • Provide funding for the replacement of all public housing units in the City of Galveston and in other municipalities where units were destroyed, and set aside $100 million to rebuild subsidized housing in the Counties of Harris, Galveston and Orange
  • Fund an $18 million "Impacted Area Buyout" program to permit low- and moderate-income victims of the hurricanes to move out of areas of high minority and high poverty concentration, and a "Title Clearance and Legal Assistance" program to resolve problems with "heir property" and to make those properties eligible for disaster assistance
  • Provide up to $5 million to fund a "Moving to Opportunity" program under which tenants with portable rental subsidies can relocate to higher opportunity areas
25 page Conciliation Agreement with HUD is HERE

Originally created and posted on the Oregon Housing Blog.

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