Friday, June 4, 2010

Post of Three of 2nd Round Hardest Hit Proposals as Submitted to Treasury.

Readers may recall that I have previously posted in the right pane my collection of Hardest Hit proposals submitted by the first round Hardest Hit states, as submitted to Treasury (Hardest Hit Plan Submissions, First Round States). [The only missing first round proposal is for Nevada, who has routinely ignored my public record requests. While I would likely win on the merits under Nevada open records law I would be required to go to court in order to prevail].

Second Round Hardest Hit Applicant Proposals Post: 3 Down, 2 to Go.
Second round Hardest Hit proposals were due to Treasury by COB June 1st; I am happy to say that Oregon was the first of second round states to post their Hardest Hit proposal, with Rhode Island close behind. 

You can find the Ohio, Oregon, and Rhode Island initial proposals sent to Treasury in the right pane under the link,  Hardest Hit Plan Submissions, SECOND Round States.

I will continue to follow up with North and South Carolina to see if I can get their submissions and will do add those plans to the 2nd round plan link in the right pane upon receipt.

Originally created and posted on the Oregon Housing Blog.  

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