Friday, July 16, 2010

HUD Sustainable Communities NOFA Changes.

Wow, this is getting more screwed up by the day....

I got an email notifying me of changes in the Sustainable Communities Planning Grant NOFA; full text of that message  is pasted below. 

However after downloading the form again, numerous links continue to NOT work AND the links for data for one of the factors, Segregation by County, has disappeared. (Is that the "removal of one date point" referred to in the message, and if so how does that affect rating point distribution?).
The Rating Factor form has minor corrections, only in Rating Factor 2; for spelling, labels and the removal of one data point for which it turns out data will not be available in time for the grant deadline.    The modification only affects the Instructions Download; the Application Package does NOT have to be downloaded again.
You can download the new application package from

The instructions for applying for this grant opportunity have also changed.  You can download the new instructions from
Hopefully resolution of these problems will be discussed in the upcoming NOFA  web cast next week. 

Originally created and posted on the Oregon Housing Blog.

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