Friday, September 3, 2010

FHFA New SF and MF Goals for Fannie, Freddie.

PR is HERE; Final Rule is HERE

SF goals summarized as:
  • 27 percent for the low-income home purchase goal;
  • 8 percent for the very low-income family home purchase goal;
  • A percentage to be set annually by FHFA for the low-income/high minority/disaster areas home purchase goal (with a subgoal of 13 percent to measure acquisitions in low-income/high minority areas only); and
  • 21 percent for the low-income family refinance goal.
MF goals summarized as:
  • Fannie Mae’ s goal is to acquire mortgages that finance at least 177,750 low-income rental units and 42,750 very low-income rental units.
  • Freddie Mac’s goal is to acquire mortgages that finance at least 161,250 low-income rental units and 21,000 very low-income rental units.
  • The Enterprises must also report on their acquisition of mortgages involving low-income units in small (5- to 50-unit) multifamily properties.
Originally created and posted on the Oregon Housing Blog.

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