Thursday, September 16, 2010

NYC PHA Gets $20 Million from Goldman Sachs for New $100 MILLION School in Harlem Public Housing Project.

From NY Times blog story HERE:
The 134,600-square-foot building aims to be a model for education in housing projects nationwide. There will be classrooms for 1,200 kindergarten through 12th grade students, as well as a gymnasium, fitness center, music room, outdoor rooftop spaces and space set aside for health and social services for the neighborhood. Children from the St. Nicholas Houses, which will surround the building, will be given priority in the charter school’s lottery.
The $100 million building is a public-private partnership. The city is contributing $60 million from a capital fund for charter school construction, and the Harlem Children’s Zone is raising $40 million. The city will own the building, and the Harlem Children’s Zone will be responsible for its operation and upkeep according to the terms of a 99-year-lease, a spokesman for the organization said.

PR from Harlem Children's Zone with more details about the K-12 school is HERE.

$20 million apparently comes from a Goldman Sachs Gives fund that was established with a $500 million allocation made last year by Goldman partners for charitable purposes.

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