Saturday, September 18, 2010

Correction: Oregon Emergency Board Staff Recommends 21% Cut From OHCS Hardest Hit FTE Staffing Request for Now, Says "Lotttery" Will be Used to Select Homeowners to Receive Assistance.

Hearing is scheduled for Room F and NOT E.
On Wednesday September 22, the Human Services Subcommittee of the Emergency Board will consider an OHCS request for 47 positions (16.21 FTE) for the Hardest Hit program. Scheduled time is 8 AM, in Hearing Room F of the State Capitol.

Hardest Hit Staffing Request Pared Back for Now
Staff for the Emergency Board are recommending a lesser authorization of 35 positions (12.75 FTE), a reduction of 21% from the OHCS FTE request. The staff recommendation notes however that " A package can be added to the agency’s 2011-13 budget for the remaining administrative funding and to continue some of the limited duration positions."

"Lottery" to Decide Who Gets Hardest Assistance?
The staff summary also says "Because HCSD anticipates much higher demand for mortgage assistance than capacity, eligible applications are anticipated to be entered into a lottery".

This is first time I can recall any mention of using a "lottery" to determine which homeowner will get funded. ("Lottery" seems like a loaded term and I hope that OHCS can offer up a more complete explanation at the hearing and in future communications).

Three OHCS Items Before the Board
The staff summary for Emergency Board requests from ALL agencies is HERE; OHCS E Board items begin on PDF page 56. 

To find individual OHCS items navigate to these pages:
  • Item 44, Moving all HUD CDBG functions from OHCS to Oregon Business Development Department (Pg 56).
  • Item 45, the Hardest Hit staff authorization (Pg 58).
  • Item 46, a retroactive approval of a $9.7 million DOE grant application that was funded (page 60). For this last item the staff summary says:
OHCS will work with community action agencies to identify eligible low income single and multi-family residences for installation of solar photovoltaic panels, and to increase energy efficiency in manufactured homes in southern Oregon...OHCS anticipates serving approximately 530 households with solar panels, and enhanced energy efficiency for 106 manufactured homes.
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