Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Correction: Looks Like Kitzhaber Has a Kasich Like All White Cabinet Problem.

Correction: One of my sharp readers caught error in my table showing Erinn Kelley‐Siel as a male. I have corrected that in the table and also changed the female count and percentage to 6, 25% of the current cabinet. 
Ohio's new Governor has been taken to task for initially appointing an all white cabinet (story HERE, includes update after naming his first minority cabinet member). 

It occurred to me that I didn't know the racial makeup of the cabinet members that Governor Kitzhaber has appointed to date, but I did know that he is letting go a Hispanic member of his cabinet, Victor Merced. 

Based on my research, Governor Kitzhaber currently DOES have a Kasich like problem--all of his 24 Cabinet members appear to be white (and only 6 (25%) are women).  

I constructed the table below after researching on line pictures of the current cabinet members with caveat that it is always possible that my reading of photo does not match racial or ethnic categories. ( Salem Statesman Journal story HERE helped significantly by including consolidated list of Cabinet officials and several photos). 

  1. It is very ODD to me that no mainstream news story about the cabinet appointments that I have yet seen has picked up on the apparent all white nature of the current Oregon cabinet.
  2. Looks to me like Kitzhaber has some significant outreach work to do to insure substantial minority and women participation in his cabinet. 
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