Saturday, April 23, 2011

Map Boundaries for 3,800+ Oregon Census 2010 Geographies Now Posted in Google Fusion.

I have created Google Fusion geographic files from SHAPEFILES for select Oregon Census 2010 geographies:
  • Census Tracts, 
  • Block Groups, 
  • Places, and 
  • Counties
These geographic data files can be displayed as boundary maps within Google Fusion. (Once file is open in Google Fusion, simply select visualize, and then map from the pull down menus to see a map with the boundaries for that file). 

MORE powerfully, these geographic files can also be merged with  topical files you upload to Google Fusion to create combined tables, IF the geographic and topical data file have a common geo field. Once merged the combined boundaries and topical data can then be mapped from within Google Fusion, and the resulting map can be embedded in web pages or a link can be posted/sent to others. 

Portland Block Group Excerpt
Each linked Google Fusion boundary file below shows the number of geographic boundaries it contains, and a link to where the file can be viewed on Google Fusion (A Google account is likely required to view/work with the Google Fusion files).

Census Tracts [834 geographies].
Census Block Groups [2,634 geographies].
Census Places [377 geographies].
Counties [36 geographies].

Originally created and posted on the Oregon Housing Blog.

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