Sunday, May 22, 2011

Correction 1: New Excel Workbook Allows User Selection of Wages for 6 Oregon Metro Areas and 700 Occupations, And Calculation/Comparison of Affordable Rents and Median Family Incomes.

Correction 1. 
One of my many capable readers pointed out an error in one of my formulas, so I have reposted Excel workbook and deleted former workbook. Link below is to corrected version. 

Readers my recall that I recently posted HERE a comparison of salaried Real Estate sales agent income vs Median Family Incomes.

I decided to take the same wage data available for nearly 700 occupations in 6 different Oregon metro areas and create a workbook that does side by side comparisons for two metro areas, including the ability:
  • To select and compare wages for different occupations,
  • To see calculations of affordable rents,
  • To see what share of wages would be required to pay for HUD 2 Bedroom FMR's,
  • To see how wages compare to HUD Median Family Incomes.
Click to Enlarge Example
The Excel workbook HERE contains a worksheet that allows the USER to select up to 3 occupations and 2 different metro areas to reveal side by side comparisons of
  1. Average and Median Wages,
  2. Affordable housing costs using those wages,
  3. The 2 Bedroom FMR for that area,
  4. The share of wages required to pay for the 2 Bedroom FMR,
  5. A comparison of wages to the HUD 4 Person Family Median Income.
Easy to Use
To see ALL of this data in this worksheet the user does NOT have to enter any data, but instead just select values from pull down lists found in 5 cells. (To prevent inadvertent data entry in this worksheet, data can ONLY be entered via the pull downs in the 5 cells where data entry is allowed; this worksheet is formatted legal sized to allow side by side comparisons).

Other Data in Workbook, Too
In the same workbook I have also included a worksheet that has ALL of the wage data for all 6 metro areas, including counts of jobs by occupation, share of jobs in each occupation, and wages at different intervals than just the median and average. The workbook also has  a worksheet showing the 2 BR FMR and 4 Person Median Family Income for the six Oregon Metro areas.

Downloading Tip-This workbook was created in Excel 2007 format.Some users report when they cannot direct view Excel files in this format from within their browser and that Excel files they save end up with a compressed .zip file extension. My suggestion is to RIGHT CLICK and save the file to your PC. Then navigate to the file you downloaded and look at its file extension. IF it appears as .ZIP extension, change the .ZIP extension to an Excel 2007 extension (.xlsx), and THEN open the file with Excel 2007/2010.

Originally created and posted on the Oregon Housing Blog.

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