Saturday, May 14, 2011

Portland Conversion of Public Housing to Project Based Vouchers Moving Forward.

On Thursday May 12 a public notice in the Oregonian announced PHB's intent to request HUD release of funds for disposition, acquisition, and asbestos abatement in several public housing projects. (I could not locate this Notice on either the PHB or Oregonian websites, but have hard copy in hand).

Included in the listing of projects were 6 projects that had a dollar amount for the projected voucher costs. ["$XX in vouchers" is exact language in the public notice].

I looked at the HAP YTD Board Packages [right pane] for CY 2011 and found the number of units in those six projects and prepared the table below showing the projected annual voucher costs and my calculation of the cost per unit for each of those projects.  (Note that if unit counts per project change from number shown in HAP CY 2011 YTD Board Packages, this would change the per unit per month cost for the voucher),

You can see that my calculations show estimated voucher costs per unit per month vary from $655 to $804 per month: 

An earlier post about these planned conversions is HERE

Originally created and posted on the Oregon Housing Blog

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