Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Update: City of Portland Publishes Fair Housing Plan/Analysis of Impediments.

Louise Dix of the City of Gresham has added some insight about planned timing and process of implementation of AI recommendations, which I had [erroneously] presumed would be during FY 2011:  
The Analysis of Impediments is being submitted with the Consortium’s ( Portland, Gresham and Multnomah County) Five Year Consolidated Plan 2011-2016 and the activities recommended in the AI will be implemented over the next five years....The Annual Action Plan of each jurisdiction will address the interim steps for” affirmatively furthering fair housing.”  Also, the Fair Housing Advisory Committee that will be established as a recommendation of the new AI will put together a work plan.
( I elected to keep my original text in post below, so as to not conflate [love that word] my original understanding with updates from others).
2011 Analysis of Impediments web page is HERE

PHB Director's Message for June HERE references AI and also formation of new Division that will incorporate policy and equity issues.

Complete (356 pages!) report as one document is HERE; if you want to read/print the report without the appendices print PDF pages 1-158. 

With regard to Fair Housing Audit follow up PDF page 84 says: 
While the audit testing conducted for this report has not yet resulted in enforcement action against the housing providers, the jurisdictions should consider how to best act upon the possible fair housing violations displayed in these and future audit testing results. Referring results to the Bureau of Labor and Industries is an important step.
With regard to opportunity mapping report says on PG 148 and 149.
Develop opportunity mapping as a foundation of housing policy development to illustrate areas of Multnomah County where there is limited access to opportunity. Advocate for prioritizing resources, including transportation resources, to these areas to increase opportunity and equity, and tie the mapping into the update of Portland’s Comprehensive Plan and Location Policy...Partner with regional housing organizations and City and County partners to emphasize the development of Healthy Connected Neighborhoods. Based on mapping, advocate for prioritizing investments in East Multnomah County and areas concentrations of low‐income households. 
I didn't see any specific target dates for implementation of the (52?) recommendations [21 of recommendations are "priority"] in the report (recommendations start on PDF page 147). 

As the report is for FY 2011 I presume that most, if not all, of the recommendations are scheduled to be implemented sometime in FY 2011.

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