Sunday, July 31, 2011

CY 2011 Through June: County Breakout of $1.5 Billion in Oregon FHA Loans, With Full Year CY 2010 Statewide Comparison.

I have prepared two tables in a 3 page PDF HERE. File  includes:
  • A county breakout of FHA SF loans in Oregon for CY 2011 through June by loan type. (Home Purchase, Refi, and HECM).
  • By loan type, a statewide comparison of first half CY 2011 loan volume with full year CY 2010 loan volume. (This is third page of the PDF).
Some observations about the first six months of CY 2011 Oregon FHA loan activity:
  1. FHA has insured 7,530 loans, representing the commitment of more than $1.5 billion in private funds.
  2. Of that total, 4,272 loans were used to purchase a home, with loan commitments that exceeded $803 million. (That's 53% of total dollars, and 57% of the total number of loans). The remainder of loans were refinance loans, including reverse mortgage loans (HECM's).
  3. Oregon FHA SF loan volumes are 38% of record full CY 2010 totals.
  4. Compared to full year CY 2010, the amount of the average FHA insured home purchase loan is down 5.2% statewide and 6.2%  in the 5 county Portland metro area of Oregon.
  5. The average HECM loan was $81,000+ more than the average home purchase loan; 67% of HECM loans were made outside the Portland metro area, compared to only 46% of regular refinance loans. 
Originally created and posted on the Oregon Housing Blog

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