Monday, July 11, 2011

Donovan Says HUD Gonna Be a Different Partner in Detroit via Strong Cities Program.

Detroit News story is HERE; generally idea is that Federal agencies will embed staff with select cities, effort is called "strong cities".  HUD PR is HERE.  ["Strong Cities" an oxymoron if you look at cities where program will be operating, no?]

Governor Kitzhaber must be blushing, one part of effort will feature...get ready for it....inter agency Community Solutions Teams

Talk about deja vu, all over again: 
When I was working in personnel management for HUD in Detroit in early 1970's. I oversaw the assignment of HUD Detroit staff to local governments under the Intergovernmental Personnel Program and also the assignment of HUD staffer assigned to Seattle back to the staff of Mayor Young in Detroit. 

Then and in later years, IPA program was used often around US to reduce HUD staff counts, and let non essential or dead ended staff get local experience. My recollection is that large percentage of staff never ultimately returned to HUD. I hope program produces better talent with HUD support this time around.

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