Saturday, July 23, 2011

HUD Section 8 Contract Administration: 33 Bid Protests Cover 25 States, 70% of All Units.

I have prepared a table HERE that shows the 33 current HUD Section 8 Contract Administration GAO bid protests in alpha order by the state where units are located.  

Some observations: 
  1. Of my estimated nationwide total of 1,063,671 units, 743,502 are under bid protest, or 70%. (These are unduplicated unit counts).
  2. Maryland and Rhode Island each have 3 protests. 
  3. DC, Indiana, and Virginia have 2 protests.
  4. Oregon also has two protests, but they are both from OHCS
  5. The bidder with the largest number of protests is Georgia based National Housing Compliance with 13; Ohio's Assisted Housing Services Corporation follows in second place with 6 protests.
  6. Georgia's National Housing Compliance is protesting 352,547 units, Ohio's Assisted Housing Services Corporation is protesting 167,346 units. 
  7. Note that counts of bid protests changed from 22 to 33 in last week, so possible final count could increase and change this current "snapshot in time" data.
Originally created and posted on the Oregon Housing Blog

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