Thursday, July 14, 2011

Multiple Bid Protests Filed with GAO on HUD Section 8 Contract Administration, Including OHCS.

The GAO link HERE has a listing of 22 open HUD bid protests filed with GAO on July 11. Entries don't provide much detail, but clearly these are protests of the contract awards to administer Section 8 contracts scheduled to be implemented on October 1.

Some firms appear more than once [protests for individual states?], so individual firms total less than 22.  Nine individual firms I currently see are: 
  1. National Housing Compliance [located in Georgia, got Florida but not Georgia and perhaps had bid on multiple other states].
  2. New York State Housing Trust Fund Corporation
  3. Massachusetts Housing Finance Agency
  4. Rhode Island Housing-Mortgage Finance Corporation
  5. State of Arizona-Department of Housing
  6. Delaware State Housing Authority
  7. Department of Housing-Community Development State of Maryland
  8. New Jersey Housing-Mortgage Finance Agency
  9. Oregon Housing-Community Services
Entries for these protests indicate that GAO has a Oct 19 "due date". 

More about GAO bid protests can be found HERE. A timeline HERE suggests that HUD has 30 days after the protest date to provide a report to GAO; then protester has 10 days to respond to the agency report; and that GAO decision will then follow within 60 days.  

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  1. The Fort Worth MFH office is reeling from the news that Southwest Housing Compliance Corp. didn't get their contract renewed for the state of Texas. Instead, HUD HQ selected the Dallas Housing Authority's newly created LoneStar Multifamily Housing Solutions, Inc. wing to the run the program. SWCC had 150 employees. LoneStar, which subcontracted out the work to Quadel, will reportedly only have around 30 employees. The Hub Operations chief here and the 2 CAOMs were flabbergasted when they got the word that SWCC was out. However, SWCC did get the contracts in LA, NM and AR. But something is very fishy about this Texas deal. The DHA is notorious for being an awful organization. Now they're awarded this contract? By what standard did they deserve it? Was ex-DHA head Alfonso Jackson involved? What political favors were handed out? This stinks to high heavens.