Wednesday, July 20, 2011

OHCS Promptly Provides Copy of Award Letter and Bid Package for Oregon Section 8 Contract Administration; Similar Request Will Go Out to Bremerton's CMS Soon.

Kudos to OHCS for providing a very prompt Tuesday response to my Monday public records request for the award letter from HUD and the OHCS bid package for Oregon Section 8 contract administration.   In my experience one of the highly laudable features about Oregon state and local housing agencies is a near universal willingness to provide public documents for posting and public review. My personal thanks to Rick Crager and to Sandy McDonnell at OHCS for their prompt and complete response.

I have assembled the information I requested into a single PDF file HERE, including the decision letter and a number of exhibits including: 
Application Certifications 
PHA Certification
Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) Certification
Sub-Contractor Certification
Capability Statement
Technical Approach
Quality Control Plan
Reasoned Legal Opinion
(I chose to delete the Disaster Section of the bid package as it is my view that it is not essential to understand the OHCS bid and may contain sensitive information about post disaster agency operations).

I will review the material as time permits in the next few days, AND I will also ask for similar materials for Oregon from the Bremerton Housing Authority Contract Management Services Division, the winner of the bid for Oregon Section 8 contract administration. 

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