Tuesday, July 26, 2011

OHSI/OHCS Publish First Demographic Report on Hardest Hit Applicants and Borrowers: My Initial Comments.

OHSI/OHCS have published their first demographic report on Hardest Hit program participants in Oregon. 

The first report is HERE; my initial observations:
  1. As of the end of June there were 1,110 borrowers receiving assistance. [My understanding has been that OHCS said in July that 2,100 borrowers were receiving assistance, which seemingly would have required that close to 1,000 borrowers were added in early July?]
  2. I have prepared a distribution chart by county HERE showing the number of borrowers receiving mortgage payment assistance as of June 30.  Statewide only 20.2 % of the 5,000 allocated slots were in use as of June 30, but that percentage jumped to 32.2% in the 3 Portland Metro counties, and dipped to 18.6% in the rest of the state.
  3. Jackson county has the largest number of borrowers receiving assistance; their 118 borrowers have used 42.8% of the slots allocated to Jackson County, double the statewide slot utilization rate. Among metro counties both Lane (44.6%) and Benton (46.3%) have even higher slot utilization rates, albeit with fewer slots to fill.
  4. The report also shows that:
  • There were a total of 928 borrowers who reported their race; of those borrowers who reported their race 95%/883 were white and 45 were minority. 
  • 100% /1,010 borrowers reported their ethnicity; of those 7.2%/73 were Hispanic
I encourage others to also take a careful look at the report, there is a lot of information in it. 

My earlier post with earlier reports from other states is HERE.

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  1. Disappointing numbers -- and a missed opportunity. When OHCS launched the program, did they discuss any diversity/equity goals? Did they do specific outreach to communities of color?