Friday, July 1, 2011

Correction: Oregonian Story Says Fair Housing Council/City of Portland Missed Deadline for Complaints on 6 Fair Housing Audit Testing Cases and BOLI Had to File Subpoena to Get Full Audit.

Correction: Upon reading story again, looks like only 6 cases have passed 1 year deadline, and that one complaint has been filed by FHCO. Headline and text is corrected and expanded below
Story went up Friday evening on Oregonlive HERE, assume it will be in weekend paper. Story says: 
The Fair Housing Council, which did the testing, filed just one complaint from the seven incidents of possible discrimination found during audits in June 2010. It still has time to file complaints for 25 other tests, conducted through December 2010, that found possible discrimination. And it has a year to file lawsuits in all 32 [emphasis added]. The Oregon Bureau of Labor & Industries, the civil rights agency that enforces fair housing law, also found that it already had complaints, including six open investigations, involving several of the landlords targeted in the audit. But it had to use a subpoena last week [emphasis added] to get the Fair Housing Council to forward the audit information to help build those cases.
Story also says:
  • City of Portland does not yet have the complete FHCO conducted audit.
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