Saturday, July 9, 2011

Revised DRAFT Project Based Unit Counts by State , Section 8 Contract Admnistration Awards.

It's now more than a week after bidders for the Section 8 project based contracts were advised whether they were awarded contracts starting Oct 1, and yet no further information has been published by HUD.

I had published my state estimates of unit counts and projects on July 4rd showing an estimated total unit count of 1,364,338 units.  

I subsequently went back and looked at the listing of active projects list found in an Excel file on a HUD web page HERE and was able to identify only 1,063,671 units associated with a state identifier (This included adding in Alaska and the Virgin Islands units from my original estimate that were missing from this database). The state distribution of those 1,063,671 units I found with state identifiers are shown in a revised DRAFT listing that I have prepared HERE

I then went back to read the FAQ's about the contract found HERE and on page 4 the Q and A reads as follows: 

Q: As of Feb. 28, 2011 (date of Invitation release), the Portfolio of All Active Project-Based Section 8 Contacts database, which was last updated on 12/10/10, identifies the total number of active units as 1,234,135. For purposes of this application submission, we are proceeding using the unit count from the 12/10/10 update. If this is not acceptable, please provide the most recent database numbers.
 A: All applicants should be utilizing the information posted on Portfolio of All Active Project-Based Section 8 Contacts database dated 12/10/10.
So, in the absence of any state specific information from HUD it is not precisely clear what the PBCA unit counts per state [or contractor] are.  

I believe that my revised DRAFT numbers are likely the most accurate state level numbers, but given that they add up to less than the Q and A provided unit count, I readily concede that my revised DRAFT unit counts could be on the low side. (The discrepancy may that that some projects did not have a clear state identifier?).

Originally created and posted on the Oregon Housing Blog.

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