Friday, September 30, 2011

Final FY 2012 Fair Market Rents Out

HUD has published the final FY 2012 Fair Market rents used for the voucher program.  The FMR's and associated materials can be found on the HUD FMR web page HERE which includes a link to the Federal Register publication HERE (Oregon data is on PDF page 44). 

When looking at HUD FMR page look for the FINAL FY 2012 FMR's, for some reason HUD is slow once again as of this AM in updating their FMR web page, but the FINAL FY 2012 FMR's should be up shortly.

Note: To see a multiple year FMR and Income history for an individual county you can go HERE, and select the state and then the county. For example HERE is a 29 YEAR FMR history for Multnomah County/Portland MSA and HERE is the 22 year Income history.

In looking at Federal Register publication it does not appear that ANY Oregon FMR's were changed from the proposed FMR's. (My prior post with about Oregon's proposed FMR's, including a table showing those rents compared to FY 2012, is HERE).

Income Limits 
HUD's publication of FMR's says that the FY 2012 Income limits will be published on December 1, 2011 but won't have updated ACS data vs that used for the FY 2011 Income limits. HUD says further that "The FY 2013 Median Family Income estimates and Income Limits, published December 1, 2012, would be the first set of median family income estimates and income limits updated with ACS data collected from 2006 –2010."

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  1. Thank you for this information! I've been trying to sell my house in McMinnville, but have decided to rent for a bit, since I haven't had any nibbles from the ads I've placed in all county newspapers and a statewide paper (not The Oregonian or SJ).
    Glad you are back posting again! As someone not in the RE field, I treasure your info and insights.