Thursday, September 15, 2011

Update: Former Oregon Attorney General Testifies in Opposition to Medford 100 Unit Housing Authority Project Funded by OHCS, City Council Rejects Project.

Update: Text changed, and link to September 1st minutes added below:
Story from Medford Mail Tribune on September 1st City Council action is HERE; their story about OHCS funding is HERE.  A link to Housing Authority Board member guest editorial prior to hearing is HERE.

Minutes from the September 1st City Council meeting have now been posted HERE. (Look for the Evening Session).

Demonstrating /portending growing use of social media, opponents of project started Facebook Page HERE. One of posts includes links to pictures HERE.

Best I can tell some of opposition relates to perceived impact on surrounding neighborhood and on nearby  Donahue-Frohnmayer Park. 

One of appellants of Site Plan and Architectural Committee decision to grant the conditional permit required was Dave Frohnmayer, former Oregon Attorney General and U of O President; City Council hearing notice with appellant names is HERE

Editorial Comment: As much as I would like to think the legal merits of project will result in project being built, my gut tells me to take the "under" in that bet. 

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