Saturday, October 29, 2011

Oregonian Unemployment Insurance Improper Payments Story: Some Additional Context.

Oregonian has interesting story HERE about improper payments for unemployment insurance program. 

Some additional context:
  • Data comes from DOL dashboard HERE
  • Story says "The national study covered only state programs, which provide payments for up to 26 weeks, and not the layers of federal programs that use public money to help provide benefits for as many as 73 more weeks."
  • Government wide site dashboard site for "Payment Accuracy" is HERE. (Note that reporting on Defense Department programs is very limited relative to size of DOD budget).
  • My July 2011 post HERE illustrates that HUD improper payment rate for rental assistance programs is substantially less than many other government assistance programs, including unemployment assistance.
  • Much of the renewed emphasis on improper payments comes from a 2009 Presidential Executive Order from President Obama HERE.
Originally created and posted on the Oregon Housing Blog.

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