Wednesday, November 23, 2011

3,000 Unit Foothills Redevelopment Plan Coming Before Lake Oswego City Council for Vote on Tuesday November 29th.

Just received notification that public hearing on Foothills area Redevelopment plan is scheduled before Lake Oswego City Council NEXT week on Tuesday November 29th. at 6 PM.  Notice indicates that City Council may vote on the plan following the hearing. 

Notice from Foothills Redevelopment Plan website HERE and pasted below.

Public Hearing before the City Council scheduled for November 29

The Lake Oswego City Council will hold a public hearing on the Foothills District Framework Plan on Tuesday, November 29 at 6 p.m. in the City Hall Council Chambers. The Foothills District is the 107-acre area between downtown Lake Oswego and the Willamette River. It includes the light industrial area, Oswego Pointe development, and Oswego Village commercial area. The Foothills District Framework Plan is a long term plan to redevelop the District into the City’s next great residential neighborhood. The Plan, as recommended by the project’s Citizens’ Advisory Committee, describes a set of recommendations and concepts based on the City Council’s Vision and Guiding Principles for the District.
Inquiries regarding the resolution may be directed to Brant Williams, Director of Economic and Capital Development, 503-635-6138. For information about the public hearing procedures, contact Robyn Christie, City Recorder, 503-675-3984.You may attend the hearing and comment under the section for public testimony. For more about the hearing procedues, contact staff. A proposed time limit of three minutes per person for testimony shall be observed, but may be changed by the Council.  The purpose of time limits on testimony is to provide all interested persons with an adequate opportunity to present and respond to testimony, while at the same time ensuring that the hearing can be conducted in an efficient and expeditious manner. The City Council may vote on adopting the Framework Plan following the public hearing..
My prior posts about Foothills are HERE and the formal comments I submitted about plan can be found in post HERE.

I plan to testify and I encourage other affordable housing sustainability, fair housing, and transit advocates from throughout the Metro region to do the same.

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