Friday, November 4, 2011

FHA MF LIHTC Loans FY 2011: 12% of All Projects, 10% of All Units.

I have prepared a first of a kind state level table HERE showing FHA MF initial endorsements (loans) for FY 2011 where LIHTC's were also used.   [States where NO LIHTC units were insured (like Oregon) are omitted from this table].

Some observations:
  1. FHA MF loans for 155 projects with nearly 19,000 units were made to projects using LIHTC. (Not shown in table: Private investment in these FHA MF loans using LIHTC was nearly $1.2 billion [not including the value of LIHTC's]).
  2. 12% of all FHA MF projects used LIHTC.
  3. 31% of all FHA MF new construction and substantial rehab projects used LIHTC.
  4. 81% of all HFA risk sharing projects used LIHTC.
  5. 68% of "QPE risk sharing" [Fannie and Freddie] projects used LIHTC.
Originally created and posted on the Oregon Housing Blog.

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