Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Government Assisted Single Family Loan Support in Lake Oswego, First 11 Months of CY 2011: $50+ Million is Conservative Estimate.

The written comments I submitted on the Lake Oswego Foothills plan got me thinking about other broadly defined "government assisted"  housing programs that operate in Lake Oswego.  

While I don't have Fannie or Freddie single family data , I do regularly report on FHA SF activity (see my most recent FHA SF statewide post HERE). 

I downloaded Oct 2011 FHA SF data and went back and extracted Lake Oswego data and for the first 10 months of CY 2011 through October, the data shows more than $27 million in FHA SF insured loans for 86 families.  (See table pasted below for breakouts by loan type)

Note that 27% of the mortgage amounts and 20% of the loans in Lake Oswego through October went to the elderly focused FHA Home Equity Conversion loan program. 

Total of $50+ Million in Federal Support for Home Ownership So Far this Year in Lake Oswego is a Conservative Estimate
If Fannie and Freddie together accounted for same volume as FHA it probably is a conservative estimate to assume that Lake Oswego has seen in exceess of $50 million in "government assisted" single family loan activity this year. (This does not include of course the tax advantages of mortgage interest and property tax deductions).

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