Thursday, November 3, 2011

HUD/FHA Multifamily Loans FY 2011: In Oregon, By HUD Region, and by State.

I have put together a single PDF file HERE that includes a breakout of FHA multifamily loans in Oregon, and summaries by HUD region and by state for FY 2011, which ended September 30th. [Data does not include hospital programs].

This is the first/only posting of this data at this level of detail that you will find.

  • Oregon: 21% of Oregon's 1,568 units were new construction.  4 of the 10 Oregon loans made were made by CW Capital; 3 of the 10 loans were in Hillsboro and 3 were in Portland. Oregon's MF FHA loan production in FY 2011 was down slightly from FY 2010; see my earlier post HERE.
  • HUD Regions: Region 5 (my former Midwest HUD region) had 26.5% of all HUD MF loans units. HUD Region 10, which includes Oregon had the lowest regional share of total units, at 3.1 %
  • States: Texas had the largest share of units, with 9.2% of the national total. 
FHA MF Loan Volume vs FHA SF Loan Volume In Oregon
To put Oregon's FHA Multifamily loan production in perspective the $124,592,100 in loans during ALL of FY 2011  represented only 53% of the $234,883,479 FHA Single Family average Oregon MONTHLY loan production so far in CY 2011.

Originally created and posted on the Oregon Housing Blog.

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