Friday, November 25, 2011

My Comments for Important Tuesday Evening Public Hearing on Foothills Redevelopment in Lake Oswego.

I have prepared my comments for the hearing on the the Foothills Redevelopment Plan before the Lake Oswego City Council on Tuesday, November 29th at 6 PM. 

The current plan includes NO affordable housing goals for this planned 3,000 unit increase in Lake Oswego's housing supply, despite the large public infrastructure investments being contemplated.  (The plan indicates that apartment development may proceed before a decision on full funding of the Streetcar occurs).

I am strongly urging affordable housing, transit, fair housing, regional, and sustainability advocates from across the Metro region to submit written testimony and or /to testify in person at this important hearing

My prior post, including the email address of where to submit written testimony is HERE

If you submit written testimony I would suggest making sure you reference that the subject of your testimony is  "November 29, 2011 City Council Consideration of the Adoption of the Foothills Area Redevelopment Framework Plan"

My Detailed Testimony
In my formal written testimony I have prepared a detailed analysis of the rental housing portion of the plan, and have included four recommended changes in the draft resolution that the City Council will use to adopt the plan.  I have also summarized this detailed document for my oral testimony at the hearing. 

How to See My Testimony In Advance
If you plan on submitting written testimony and /or testifying at the hearing, please drop me an email ( and I will consider sharing my testimony (in MS Word format) with you in advance. You can then decide if there are portions of it that you want to reference or include in your testimony and we can coordinate the timing of the submission of comments.  

I will post the material to my website at some point, but will be working to refine the form, but not the substance, before formal submission.

Originally created and posted on the Oregon Housing Blog.

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