Friday, December 23, 2011

Los Angeles Housing Authority Under Fire for Spending, Including Section 8 Contract Admin Funds from Non Profit.

LA Times story is HERE and says that HUD is participating in new audit.  From the story:
HACLA's former interim executive director, Ken Simmons, said the funds for questionable expenditures came not from federal funds, but from two nonprofit entities overseen by HACLA.The two enterprises generate more than $15 million a year, Simmons wrote in a Dec. 13 letter to the City Council. In his letter, he detailed the nonprofits' work, explaining how the group acts as an administrator processing HUD contracts. Funds from the nonprofits "enable the Authority to carry out its mission," Simmons wrote. "HACLA receives no city resources and its inadequate funding from the federal government severely limits what this agency can do for its residents." Greuel's next audit, expected by next spring, will analyze funds and spending by the two nonprofits, Greuel said.
Earlier KCET story is HERE.  

LA Controller PR and performance audit is HERE

Not clear whether any of audits will impact ability of non profit [LOMOD] to respond to NOFA of Section 8 contract administration that is expected to occur after start of new year. 

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