Thursday, March 22, 2012

Lake Oswego Moving Forward on Comp Plan Changes for Housing.

On Wednesday, the Lake Oswego Citizen Advisory Committee met to review draft changes to the Comp Plan, including changes to Housing and Affordable Housing language. [ The meetings site for the CAC is HERE].

Proposed housing policy language, posted for the first time on late Tuesday afternoon, is HERE.   On Wednesday afternoon my early February comments about problems with the May 2011 Housing Needs Analysis were included as background materials posted on the CAC website HERE

I spoke briefly at the beginning of the CAC meeting to introduce myself and indicate I was there to listen to their discussion about the Housing Comp Plan changes and also offered to answer any questions then or later about my comments on the problems with the draft Housing Need Analysis. 

During the discussion CAC members made a few suggested changes to the proposed language; there was also reference made to action planning to carry out policies, but no timetable for action plans was discussed at the meeting.

Given the short time the Comp Plan housing changes and my comments had been available to the CAC, members were advised that any additional comments they had about the Housing Comp Plan section should be forwarded to staff by next Monday, as the current plan is to move forward to the Planning Commission on April 9th (and planning staff need to prepare a memo prior to that meeting). 

Planning staff also indicated that they would be working on making updates to the draft Housing Needs Analysis, some of which may be done prior to the Planning Commission meeting.

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