Wednesday, March 14, 2012

New Table Added to Picture of GSE Assisted Households CY 2010: $22.5 Billion in Loans to 117,000+ African Americans.

I have added a new table to the GSE PDF table series, with a link in the right pane, Picture of GSE Assisted Households, CY 2010.

Table 10 shows a count of loans and $$ by state, ranked by the share of all single family GSE loans made to African American borrowers or co borrowers
Some observations:
  1. Oregon ranked 42nd in the share of all GSE loans in the state that went to African Americans.
  2. Among top 20 states in share of loans to African Americans only two (Nevada and Texas ) were west of the Mississippi river.
  3. In Michigan and California, states with substantial African American populations (6.67% and 14.27%), only 1.6% of GSE loans went to African Americans. [Wikipedia state African American population table is HERE].
  4. GSE CY 2010 loans to investors [prior post] at $40.2 billion/243,000 loans were substantially higher than $22.5 billion/117,000 loans to African Americans.
In this table and in my coming Excel workbook "African American borrowers" includes all loans where an African American was borrower AND all loans where African American was a co borrower (even if borrower was not African American). 

Excel Workbook Coming  
A scheduled posting later will include a link to my Excel cloud space folder where the complete Excel workbook with loan level records for African American borrowers and co borrowers will be uploaded so users may do further analysis.

Originally created and posted on the Oregon Housing Blog.

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