Thursday, April 26, 2012

Lake Oswego Foothills Streaming Video now Posted; My Timeline for Key Affordable Housing Discussion Items.

Streaming video of April 24, 2012 Lake Oswego City Council meeting that included Foothills redevelopment (and affordable housing) is available on line HERE: 

[If link about does not work when you click, copy and paste URL link into your browser to open the video file]

Foothills portion runs for 1 hours 59 minutes; entire video is 3 hours and 43 minutes.

Affordable Housing Key Bits and Video Start Times
My quick bullet descriptions below have start times when key affordable housing discussion items began (times are from start of video in hours:minutes:seconds). Use slider at bottom of your media player to advance to start time shown. 

Combined together, the affordable housing discussions are probably in 10-15 minute range. 

I encourage you to watch/listen for yourself instead of relying just on my quick bullet descriptions below.

00:21:40+ Mayor Hoffman asks about feasibility of regional funding included as funding source.
00:29:55+ Councilwoman Mocreif asks whether federal funding for transportation has affordable housing requirements. LO Economic Development Director Williams says generally no....
00:31:30+ ...Councilwoman Jordan adds that social equity is now a key element for federal funding and including affordable housing may be a step toward getting funding in a competitive process.  She also indicates she was surprised to learn that policy requiring affordable housing in urban renewal areas has not been implemented and says that city needs to determine how they are going to incorporate affordable housing if proposal moves forward. 
00:58:20+ Councilwoman Olsen returns to affordable housing discussion and asks for WDW response about inclusion of affordable housing; LO Economic Development Director Williams indicates that up to now LO has provided no policy guidance to developer and there is no affordable housing requirement in existing predevelopment agreement, developer has indicated they would look at affordable housing if city adopts as policy; CouncilmanTierney indicates there are two things that need to be included in refinement of direction if proposal moves forward: affordable housing and small office space with increased parking; WDW offers view of cost of Block 49 housing financing in Portland.

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